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Who are we?

We're a sneaker app that connects buyers and sellers that enjoy sneaker raffles.

Sneaker Raffles ≈ Sneaker Events


Customize sneaker events, specifying sneaker details, entry slots, price per slot, and duration of sneaker events.

Benefit: Maximize your profits by customizing your sneaker events.


Enter sneaker events using cash or Holy Grail Coins. One random winner is chosen each event, but all participants win Holy Grail Coins.

Benefit: Opportunity to cop your Holy Grail 100X less than retail while controlling your odds.

What are Holy Grail Coins?

Holy Grail Coins are redeemable rewards that are used to enter events free and purchase items from the gift shop.

Benefits: You earn free Holy Grail Coins when you sign-up, and each event you enter.


Know Your Odds. Control Your Odds. 

Control your odds by knowing how many entries are within each sneaker event. Unlimited entries allows you to maximize your odds every time.



All shoes are 100% authentic, deadstock, and go through a vigorous verification process. We have quality assurance and control at every stage, and require sellers to provide receipts and pictures of the OG Box. Counterfeit sellers will incur fees for fakes, and we encourage the Holy Grails Community to report any counterfeit sneakers. 

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